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The Intersection of Classical and Jazz

What They Said

“Okorie Johnson is a spellbinding storyteller, speaking with clarity and depth through his cello. His performances feature patient, gradual build-up of rich layers of sound, swelling and pulsing, with an uncanny balance between spontaneity and the inevitable.” - Rob Flax

”At time introspective, at times interactive, OkCello delivers a unique experience with every live show that is sure to leave you wanting for the next performance!” - Adam Thomas

”What a sick performance Okorie!!!! I was blown away!” – Amanda Ray

”I’m 3-in and loving it! From the moment I arrive, a sense of gratitude and peace engulfs me. At the last note my soul is so excited and inspired. I leave with such power and celebration. Okorie’s Epi.phony is a must do!” – MaSu

”Genius.” – Wayne Glass

”Had to hold back tears during one of your selections…what was that about…lol? Looking forward to the next!” – Cier Black

”Wish I could go to a live show!!” - @deva_style

”Your music is alive. I can hear it breathe. It’s empowering for the subconscious and just overall sensational.” - @Chloe.cosmos

”Just an inspirational performance.” - @sammyfla65

”A sound so rich it pulls at the heart strings of music lovers.” - Celeste Vertikal DuckWorth

”Commanding performances which strike one as alluringly esoteric, and yet fundamentally universal in essence. By any measure, OkCello is truly in a league of his own.” - Sidney Prescott Ellewoods

photo: Heather Infantry




Jovan Poff of Bullet Music explores how Okorie brings meaning to liminal space on October 16, 2017.


Marthame Sanders of Art Inspiration Justice interviews Okorie on what it means to live a life that is liminal on September 1, 2017.

13th Floor Lounge

Host Leatrice Ellzy interviews Okorie Johnson on the 13th Floor Lounge on February 10, 2016, a weekly examination of the artists, thinkers and doers who are animating our NOW at the intersection of cultural arts and popular culture.


Okorie Johnson interviewed on WREK's North Avenue Lounge on January 11, 2016.


Okorie Johnson chats with WonderRoot's Floyd Hall on September 24, 2014 in this podcast about his relationship with the cello growing up and into adulthood, the difference between performing and communicating, and presenting the cello as a contemporary instrument.


photo: Ken West